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The Count of Monte Cristo (with panel zoom) - Classics Illustrated
by Alexandre Dumas
Part of the Classics Illustrated series

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A tantalizing tale of intrigue, villainy and ultimate revengeA young sailor Edmond Dantes is incarcerated falsely as a Bonapartist to the Chateau' d'If by his enemies; Danglers, Fernand Mondego, Caderousse and Monsieur de Villefort. While in prison he befriends the Abbe Faria who educates him in the languages, arts and sciences. He also tells Edmond of a huge treasure buried in a cave on the Island of Monte Cristo. Follow this amazing tale, how Edmond armed with knowledge and patience sets out to exact revenge on all his enemies. Beautifully illustrated, this comic graphic novel is a classic you will enjoy and treasure. A must-have for your digital library. Optimized for Kindle devices and featuring Panel Zoom facility.

Format: EPUB

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Pages: 48 pages

ISBN/EAN: 9781620281918

Publisher: Trajectory Inc

Publication Date: 06/02/2013

Category: Literary & memoirs


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