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A Sally Lockhart Mystery 3 : The Tiger in the Well
by Philip Pullman

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In a respectable tea-shop in London, a girl with a pistol is holding off three men.

Sally Lockhart is fighting for her child - a child who is suddenly not hers any more.

Sally is now twenty-five, and somebody wants to destroy her.

She is unmarried - but she receives divorce papers from a man she has never even met, let alone married.

Who is this evil stranger? His trap is so well-laid that she is powerless to disprove his lies.

Now he has been awarded custody of her precious daughter.

Driven from her home, desperately trying to understand what's happening, Sally is prepared to fight for her family's freedom.

Even if it turns out to be a fight to the death.

Format: EPUB

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Pages: 464 pages

ISBN/EAN: 9781407180144

Publisher: Scholastic UK

Publication Date: 22/12/2016

Category: Crime & mystery fiction (Children's/YA)


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