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Beautiful Lawman : A Devil's Rock Novel
by Sophie Jordan
Part of the Devil's Rock series

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Sophie Jordan excels at writing sizzling hot reads! New York Times Bestselling Author Jill Shalvis

From the wrong side of the tracks and with most of her family in jail or dead, Piper Walsh is used to everyone in town thinking the worst about her. It doesnt seem to matter that shes worked hard to build a good life for herself. So she isnt surprised that when she comes into contact with Sweet Hills wildly irresistible, arrogant sheriff, Hale Walters, theyre instant adversaries. Piper has nothing in common with the town golden-boy-turned-lawmanand she refuses to be a notch on his bedpost.

Despite rumors, Hale avoids fooling around with the women of Sweet Hill, many of whom are hoping to get him to the altar. But staying out of Pipers path is proving near impossible. The infuriatingtroublemaker clearly has no respect for his badge.As she continues to push his buttons, it becomes clear to Hale that he must either arrest Piperor claim her as his own.

Format: EPUB

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Pages: 368 pages

ISBN/EAN: 9780062666574

Publisher: HarperCollins

Publication Date: 26/12/2017

Category: Westerns


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